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Guitar Notes Dot Info is owned and operated by Fretdaddy, LLC ("Fret Daddy") - a San Diego based company that manufactures and sells removable fretboard stickers for the Acoustic, Electric, Classical, and Bass Guitar. At Fret Daddy our goal is to help you master the guitar as quickly and easily as possible.  

Our Philosophy:  We believe any successful guitar learning method will include a number of common elements: mnemonic devices for learning and memorizing music theory, practice plans for developing finger dexterity, coordination, and muscle memory, and visual cues for helping one to recognize and learn the necessary modal patterns.  Fret Daddy sticker set systems are designed to provide the necessary visual cues, allowing students to focus on the more important and challenging aspects of learning the guitar.

The Peel, Stick, and Play Method:   Fret Daddy products are designed to allow beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players to learn new scales and fretboard patterns with minimal effort.  Simply choose a scale or fretboard pattern to learn, apply the corresponding Fret Daddy product to the fretboard of your guitar, and practice the scale or pattern for as long as it takes until the scale or pattern has become memorized.

The Gift of Confidence:  With Fret Daddy stickers, players of all skill levels can forget for a minute about WHICH notes to play and focus instead on playing them well. This benefit provides advanced and intermediate players with the confidenceto improvise and try new licks while giving beginners a sense for how playing in key should sound and feel. Give yourself the freedom to play like a pro.  With enough practice you may even become one!

Our Guarantee:  We're so confident that our products will help you master the guitar that we'll give you 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied.  Simply mail your Fret Daddy sticker set system back to us within one week of delivery and we will refund 100% of your money... no questions asked.

The Fret Daddy Method  Want to find out more about Fret Daddy's signature products? Read excerpts from the pending patent here.

Not sure if stickers are for you? Read this quick article on the benefits of using guitar stickers.

Popular Products

The Fretboard Notemap
For Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Guitar Notes's Fretboard Notemap Package for Acoustic Electric Guitar - Learn the Fretboard Notemap

Retail $12.49
Free Shipping!

The fretboard notemap is the perfect sticker set for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced players who never learned the names of the notes on the fretboard. Don't worry, you're not alone. The fretboard notemap is our top seller!
Combo Pack
For Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Guitar Notes's Combination Pack Package for Acoustic Electric Guitar - Learn to Play Fret Daddy's most popular scales

Retail $29.99
Free Shipping!
The combination pack includes four sticker sets for the price of two! Master the blues, or use the A major scale or A harmonic minor scale to find new melodic hooks. Need to learn the names of the notes first? Don't worry, the fretboard notemap is included too!

Fret Daddy News

Fret Daddy Makes Ultimate-guitar
Magazine's 2011 Hotlist

Guitar Notes Makes NAMM Hot List 2011

Thousands of amazing new products were featured at NAMM's world-famous trade show in Anaheim this year, but only 20 made it onto Ultimate-Guitar magazine's Hotlist! Fret Daddy is very pleased to have made the cut!

Read the article
Introducing Fret Daddy's
A minor/C major Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Notes's A minor Pentatonic Scale For Acoustic Electric Guitar - Learn to Play the A minor Pentatonic Scale

Retail $12.49
Free Shipping!

This versatile sticker set is designed to teach guitar players of all levels the A minor/C major Pentatonic scale. Whether you plan on mastering the blues or exploring new hard rock riffs, this essential scale is a must!

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