Different Kinds Of Guitars - Lesson

What kind of guitar should you get for your first guitar? You want a guitar that is easy to play, and sounds in tune. In this video I show you my Blueridge BR-73, my Yamaha 120SD, which is a Fender Telecaster copy, a Baby Taylor, an Ibanez classical guitar model number 2862 made in 1976. We talk a little bit about guitar set up, differences between nylon and steel strings, and guitar positioning, meaning how to hold the guitar. 0:17 Yamaha 120SD - telecaster copy 1:28 Blueridge BR-73 - Steel string acoustic guitar, size 000 2:01 what you want in a guitar - 1. plays easily, 2. plays in tune 2:32 what you can do or have done to the guitar to make it play better 3:44 Baby Taylor 4:24 Ibanez Andorra classical guitar, model number 2862. This is a nylon string guitar. Made in 1976, this guitar has all solid woods: spruce top, rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard. The dimensions of every classical guitar is the same. I installed a pickup into this guitar to be able plug it into an amp or PA system. 6:13 Classical guitar position. This is a good position to learn how to finger pick. I highly recommend it! In this video I said that the Blueridge is a "grand concert" size. It's really a 000 size guitar. Oops. Here's a great article about guitar sizes: http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/_Acoustic_Size_Matters Have fun learning! Hal

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