Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Fret Daddy fretboard stickers help me learn the guitar? - Absolutely. Thousands of students have used Fret Daddy's fretboards stickers to learn musical scales, patterns, and concepts, and our list of happy customers grows every day.

  2. How do stickers help me learn the guitar? - There are a number of benefits to using stickers. To see a list of some of the more important benefits, check out this page.

  3. Will fret stickers damage my guitar? - Absolutely not. Fret Daddy stickers utilize state of the art removable adhesives technology (patent pending), so you can be rest assured that using Fret Daddy's stickers on your fingerboard and guitar neck will not damage your instrument.*

  4. Will leaning over the guitar to see the stickers hurt my neck? - Believe it or not, this is a commonly asked question. The truth is, every guitar player learning to play new scales, chords, and notes, has to look at the neck. This is true regardless of whether you are using fretboard stickers. Once you are a master, you might not have to look at what you are doing, but until then, you will likely have to look at the guitar neck. But we have not heard of anyone complaining of hurting their neck.

  5. Does Fret Daddy make sticker sets for the bass guitar? - Yes.

  6. Who might benefit from Fret Daddy products? Beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players may benefit from using fretboard stickers, although the benefits derived in each case may vary. Beginners students will find our sticker sets helpful for learning the notes and musical patterns such as scales. Intermediate advances students will benefit by being able to explore new fingerboard patterns with incredible ease. And advanced players can use Fret Daddy fretboard stickers for songwriting, and to invent new chops.

    * Fret Daddy Fretboard sticker sets have been tested thoroughly. Use as directed. To ensure proper results in conformity with test results, do not leave Fret Daddy fretboard stickers on your instrument for more than six months at a time.

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