Free Online Lessons

At Fret Daddy our mission is to help you learn the guitar as quickly and easily as possible. As part of our commitment to that mission, we have provided you with 16 free online guitar lessons. The lessons are intended to be followed in sequential order and are intended for beginners. Students are encouraged to follow along and schedule 10 minutes per week to study the relevant lesson and 5-10 minutes per day to practice the homework assignment given.


Lesson 1 - How to Hold the Guitar
Lesson 2 - How to Hold the Guitar Pick
Lesson 3 - Learning the Fretboard Notemap
Lesson 4 - Beginner Chords - the C major Chord
Lesson 5 - Beginner Chords - the G major Chord
Lesson 6 - Beginner Chords - the D major Chord
Lesson 7 - The A minor Chord
Lesson 8 - The E minor Chord
Lesson 9 - The D minor Chord
Lesson 10 - The A major Chord
Guitar Maintenance Lesson - How to Change the Strings of Your Guitar

Lesson 11 - The E major Chord
Lesson 12 - the B minor chord
Lesson 13 - Beginner Strum Pattern and Technique
Lesson 14 - Beginner Strumming 2
Lesson 15 - Beginner Strum Pattern and Technique 3
Lesson 16 - Beginner Strum Pattern and Technique 4

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