Guitar Lessons for Beginners:Your First Chord - E Major

Guitar Lessons for Beginners:Your First Chord - E Major In this lesson we learn to play our first chord: E Major! Chords are the building blocks of songs (as apposed to individual notes) so we want to start playing them and getting comfortable with them RIGHT AWAY! In the last video we learned the proper technique of how to pluck each string, and now we’re going to build on that by incorporating the left hand as well — making a chord! I begin with E major because playing in the Key of E (more on that later) is the FASTEST way to learn songs. It’s easier to switch to all the other chords in the key with less of the frustration that sometimes accompanies slow chord switches. So, follow the instructions in the video knowing that this is the single most important step you can take in learning your first song! If you have trouble, or any questions, let me know in the comments! Here is the Link to download the Google Doc of my E chord diagram: Other links: -Best tab site: -Best place to shop for guitars and other gear: -Best guitar strings: -Best guitar:

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