Play 8 Arijit Singh songs on guitar using 2 Chords

The tutorial demonstrates how to play 8 Arijit Singh songs on guitar using just 2 easy chords .....The chords are : E major & A major !!! This video is meant for reference as what learning a couple of chords can do as it opens up the world of opportunities to the learner. It uses the technique of transposing to convert these songs in a way that all of them can be played using just 2 chords !! The original scales of the songs are obviously different and it will surely sound better if you use the actual scale chords. But for BEGINNERS, this video will help them get a kickstart to play more and more songs and improve their knowledge on beats, strumming, chords as well as singing while strumming. The songs use just 1 strumming as shown in the video !! If the Video helped you....Do Subcribe the channel and if you want to SUPPORT THE CHANNEL here's my PAYTM number 7569869485 Even 1 rupee is very much apppreciated as they say - every drop makes the ocean :) BUY All GUITARS AND STUFFS AT DISCOUNTED PRICE on Amazon - CHECK BELOW 1.Cheapest/Best Guitar for Rs 2000- 2. Another Affordable Guitar under Rs 2000 - 3. Best Mid Price Range Guitar for 6500- 4. Best Yamaha Guitar (F310) at Affordable Price - 8500- 5. Full Kit for Begginers at 6000 - Tuner, Pickup, Equalizer, Case, Strap & Picks - 6. Affordable Full Kit for Beginners - Rs 2500 - 7. Best Quality Yamaha Guitar for Intermidiate players - Rs 10000 - 8. Cheapest Pick/Plectrum set of 6 for Rs 60- 9. Cheapest CAPO for beginners - Rs 90 - 10. Fingers Hurt while Paying Guitar - USE THIS - Rs 350 - 11. Affordable Guitar Stand - Rs 350 - 12. Quality Guitar stand at Rs 550 - 13. Affordable Guitar Bag at 700 - 14. High Quality Guitar Bag - Rs 1200 - 15. Cheapest Guitar Strings Set - Rs 140 - 16. Good Quality Guitar strings - Rs 300 - 17. Nylon Guitar Strings at Rs 650 - This is uploaded for educational purpose , the credit goes to the composer. No copyright infringement intended. Facebook & Email @ [email protected] by the name Anubhav Agarwal Do like...share...subscribe....CHEERS !!!! #Arijitsingh#Arijit#mashup

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