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For Release 9 a.m. EST January 21, 2011

Fret Daddy Announces Its Revolutionary Yet Simple Line of Music Education Products:

Removable Fretboard Stickers with Note Position Indicators

San Diego, CA — January 21, 2011 — Last weekend at NAMM's annual music merchandise trade show in Anaheim, CA, Fret Daddy's development team introduced its revolutionary line of music education products designed to help guitar players learn scales and other musical concepts with incredible speed and ease: removable fretboard stickers for the guitar and bass. Online sales began late in 2010, however, Fretdaddy, LLC strategically refrained from publicly announcing its new line of products until its patent application was secure. Having taken steps to secure its Intellectual Property rights in early January, Fret Daddy announced its new line of products for electric, acoustic, classical, and standard sized bass guitars in grandiose fashion, by demonstrating its new line of products at the NAMM trade show – the world's most important and widely attended music merchandise trade event. "Feedback has been great and sales were unexpectedly good, even prior to public announcement and marketing efforts," said CEO David Jacobsen, "but NAMM has put us on the map. In just four days, we managed to connect with a litany of retail storeowners and distributors from all over the world. We planned on kicking off 2011 with a bang and so far so good."

Fret Daddy's Removable Sticker Sets

Fret Daddy products are designed to allow beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players to learn new scales and fretboard patterns with minimal effort. "Simply choose a scale or fretboard pattern to learn, apply the corresponding Fret Daddy sticker set to the fretboard of your guitar, and practice the scale or pattern by depressing the notes indicated." With Fret Daddy stickers, players of all skill levels can forget for a while about WHICH notes to play and focus instead on playing them well. "This benefit provides advanced and intermediate players with the confidence to improvise and try new licks or even explore songwriting phrases while giving beginners a sense for how playing in key should sound and feel. Fret Daddy gives players of all skill levels the ability to play well above their ability." A small number of customers in target markets have already had the chance to experience the Fret Daddy learning method: "Learning guitar has never been easier," says Ken Johnson of Florida. "The hard work all became worthwhile when we started seeing the public's response to our products," explains Jacobsen, "We've sold quite a few sticker sets already and haven't had any complaints yet, only very encouraging compliments and thank yous."


Fret Daddy customers can purchase Fret Daddy's sticker sets on Fret Daddy's website at www.fretdaddy.com, on Amazon, Ebay, and in select local retail stores. But keep an eye out in other places as well - it's only a matter of time before Fret Daddies are distributed in the broadest reaching MI distribution chains.


*Patent Pending

For more information, press only, contact: (David Jacobsen), (david@fretdaddy.com)

For more information on Fret Daddy products, visit: http://www.fretdaddy.com

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