Three Note Guitar Chords - Acoustic Guitar Tricks And Tips Lesson

FREE CHEATSHEET: - - - - Three Note Guitar Chords - Acoustic Guitar Tricks And Tips Lesson Hey there, I’m Tomas Michaud with Real Guitar School. In this acoustic guitar lesson, I wanna show you what I call three note chords. I realized recently that this is a acoustic guitar trick I used fairly often when I’m composing my own instrumental guitar music and I’ve never taught this before. I think you’ll have fun with this. Let me show you how it works. I’m using one of my favourite nylon string guitar today thought I’d indulge myself. This is one of my favourite guitar, it’s Lester Devoe handmade flamenco. So three note chord, now you’re familiar with the D chord. I hope you are. The open D chord, it’s often played with at least four chord and you can even add five but I wanna treat this three note chord today and will build on that. The three notes are just these top three strings so will call this the D4 just for now, okay three notes. Now the second form, I’m going to put my first finger on the third fret and then I’ll do my second and third fingers, it’s not the only fingering, second and third on the other two strings. I have my second finger over on the fifth fret third string and my third finger on the second string fifth fret – that actually makes a C chord so now we have a D and a C. If you move this up two frets it becomes a D again. one way to think about this is if you know bar chords, it’s a small version of this bar. Now here’s a fun one, take that D form and move it up till it is a G, see D go up two frets, E half step one fret, F and then two more frets to the G so that’s a three note G chord. It’s the D form remember but up here on the seventh fret I have my first and second fingers on the seventh fret and then the third finger is on the second string eight fret so let’s put this together now. Start with the D, go up the C obviously I can use my second, third and my pinky as well which I often do so try both and see what is more comfortable now eventually you just want both ways. Now go up to D, my first finger is on the fifth fret for D and then, right now I have my third and fourth on the seventh fret and then instead of the seventh fret there, move it up to G now I have my first and second on the seventh fret and the third on the second string eight fret then go back down okay so that’s actually D, C, D again and then G so let’s do it together – D going up to C, D, G back down C and D. Now there’s many ways you can use this one way is strumming. I’ll often use this C when I’m playing this up. I just substitute the full G for the partial G, it gets a little color that makes for nice little run such as (strumming), this used commonly on acoustic guitar and then of course this fingerpicking. Now here’s one I like to use in this fingerpicking pattern I’m going to actually use the D base note and it’s a drawn. Let me play the D base note for every single chord, listen. I just had that for fun so practice that. If you really like that fingerpicking pattern, I’ll do it in my next lesson. Leave me a comment. Go to my blog, leave me a comment. Hey, I really wanna learn that whole pattern and I’ll be glad to make a lesson on that. Thanks for joining me. If you are on YouTube, head on over to my blog I put the link I think just below me on this one. Go to my blog. Sign up or my weekly lessons, there’s a little box in the upper right hand corner and of course there’s more lessons as usual to my blog and make sure I’ll put a download sheet for you too. Take care. FREE CHEATSHEET: - - - - Get more great FREE lessons and tips at - - - - Join me on Facebook at: for exclusive lessons. - - - FREE CHECKLIST Wish you were playing guitar naturally and with complete confidence? Get the FREE Guitar Players Checklist:

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