Basic Guitar - Barre Chords

in this video, you'll learn how to play any chord quickly and easily on the guitar, and you'll gain an appreciation for the importance of chords in guitar work. the "Beatles" song i play in the video is my own arrangement of sorts - i'm basically just playing arpeggiated chords with the melody on top of them. i first learned to play the chord structure of the song with simple strumming, then added arpeggiation ("finger picking") and finally the melody line. it was actually way easy, and no sheet Music or tabs were required! PRODUCTION NOTES: * the image is flipped horizontally (mirrored), so left and right are reversed. * the frame rate is horrible. both of these things can be attributed to the nuances of the Apple MacBook. hopefully, these phenomena will not be present in future videos (the mirroring is switchable, and i believe the frame rate issue was caused by not completely deactivating the screen saver / power saver settings). sorry - i just couldn't bring myself to shoot it all over again.

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