Basic Guitar Lesson 2 for Beginners in (Hindi) by

Hey Friends this is Sandy. I am very thankful to every one for supporting my work.. GUITAR LESSON LINKS:- LESSON 1 (BASIC INTRO OF GUITAR) LESSON 2 (STRINS OF GUITAR AND TUNING) LESSON 3 (BASIC GUITAR CHORDS) LESSON 4 (MORE CHORDS AND STRUMMING) LESSON 5 (GUITAR THEORY) LESSON 6 (SHARP AND FLATS) LESSON 7 (SHIFTING CHORDS) LESSON 8 (PALM MUTING) LESSON 9 (BAR CHORDS) LESSON 10 (WHAT ARE FILERS?) LESSON 11(Capo Theory) LESSON 12 (Fret board Notes) LESSON 13 (Chromatic Scale) LESSON 14 (Whole step & Half step) Lets be friends Like my page on Facebook given below Follow me on Instagram Twitter:- acousticpahadi

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